Scolioscan highly recommended by Beijing Song’s Scoliosis Workshop

Scoliosis workshop_1

Scolioscan, the world’s 1st Radiation-Free Ultrasound Scoliosis assessment system, was highly recommended by the Song’s Scoliosis Workshop in Beijing, which has been using Scolioscan for few years. Many users and patients give out humongous positive feedbacks on the device.

Scoliosis workshop

Song’s Scoliosis Workshop was established by a well-known rehabilitation therapist in China, Mr. Lizhi Song. The scope of the workshop includes the Scoliosis treatment by customizing orthopedic braces for patients, together with the therapeutic exercise. Scoliosis commonly occurs in toddlers and young children. Majority of cases occur from age 10 to 15, and on the severe level of scoliosis may cause heart and lung problems.

Scoliosis workshop_1

The introduction of Scolioscan to Song’s workshop facilitates the mass screening on the patients with scoliosis, and simplifies the treatment procedures as this technology promotes timely scoliosis monitoring and real-time treatment feedback.

“The Scolioscan equipped with the latest technologies and enables fast scoliosis screening assessment. Moreover, the operation process is very user-friendly. I would like to recommend Scolioscan to my partners and friends in the scope of scoliosis.”, said Mr. Lizhi Song, the founder of Song’s Scoliosis Workshop.

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