The latest version of professional SCN800 series. Equipped with the most advanced ultrasound module and spatial sensing system, it is going to be the next standard of spinal assessment. flexibility.


Shaping the Future of Spinal Assessment

SCN803 is an ultrasound-based assessment system integrated with 3D electromagnetic tracking technology.

This assessment system consists of a spatial sensing system with the sensor embedded in the ultrasound probe. In addition to conventional B-mode imaging, it collects the spatial location of the vertebrae and forms the full spine image.

It embraces the advantages of ultrasound and 3D imaging technology. Safe, cost-effective and accurate spinal assessments are available thanks to this innovation.

SCN Series principle


Ultrasound Technology in Scoliosis

The 3-Dimensional ultrasound imaging assessment captures the spine’s 3D profile to track and measure the severity of the scoliosis deformity, spinal rotation along different planes, and muscle-related information in any postures over time.

Key Features

Safe without any Radiation

Conduct Scanning at Any Time, Anywhere, by Anyone

Facilitate Timely Monitoring and
Real-Time Treatment Feedback

Transient Assessment and

What makes it different?

3D spine

Proven by numerous clinical trials, SCN803 provides a convenient and accurate quantitative measurement of the spine with high reliability.

Humanised design
enhances the comfortability of the patient undergoing the scanning process

  • Chest and hip supports
  • Perform assessment in any postures
High flexibility in usage
provides customization for each operator

  • Adjustable operating monitor
  • 24” quick responsive touch screen
Maximized storage
allows more frequent scanning and records saving

  • DICOM accessible
  • Storage capacity for more than 6000 scanning
Professional analysis
suits your professional needs

  • Auto measurement available
  • Supports ScolioStudio for 3D analysis
“Scolioscan is an excellent, complete and rigorous solution for scoliosis monitoring!”
Testimonial-Dr. AdrianaZaharia-ProfileDr. Zaharia Adriana, SC Scoliomedica SRL, Romania


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Frequently Asked Questions

Scolioscan SCN803 is applicable to people of all ages, and any gender.

So far, the results we have collected for the youngest kid was 2 years old. For specific contraindications, please contact our clinical specialist for more information.

SCN803 can assist in any stage of interventions for scoliosis.

Before diagnosis, SCN803 can facilitate mass screening and reduces radiation exposure.

For patients with mild scoliosis, SCN803 can provide timely monitoring without restrictions to the scanning intervals.

For conservative treatments, SCN803 can assist in the design, adjustment, and follow-ups of the interventions. Thanks to its radiation-free and cost-effective features, real-time feedback is available.

Besides, with the 3D analysis software ScolioStudio®, more information can be accessed for analysis purposes, including in the sagittal plane.

Besides scoliosis that to scan in the standing posture, SCN803 can conduct spine scanning in any postures.

It can also be applied to assist in the design of products for spine protection, such as a mattress, wheelchair matt, wedge, braces, etc. It can be utilized to assess the posture of the spine.

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