3D Analysis Software

Scoliostudio® is a software for 3D analysis of the images generated by Scolioscan.

With this 3D analysis software, a full spinal profile, and 3D spinal model can be established to view and measure the spine in coronal, sagittal and transverse planes.


Reveal More Than Imagined

As a health professional, you understand the potential of 3D imaging and anatomical models. Scoliostudio is the unique platform for visualizing and understanding the position, rotation, and orientation of the spine in 3D.

You can improve diagnosis and clinical research capabilities by performing assessments with automated and precise 3D analysis. Scoliostudio visualizes 3D spine models which allows you to engage with patients and explain their diagnosis and treatment options.

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SCN Series Dedicated

3-Dimensional Software

Scoliostudio is dedicated to analysing spinal information captured by the SCN Series devices to generate 3D spine models and images among three orthogonal planes.

Apart from 3D models and images, Scoliostudio empowers users to conduct cross-referenced landmark labelling, angle and length measurements, which supports clinical decisions across the spectrum of care from diagnosis to treatment, to follow up.

Key Features

Advanced rendering and analysis of spinal deformities with Scolioscan® raw data file

Cross-referenced landmark labelling, angle and length measurement among three orthogonal planes

Automatic formation of spine model using landmarks and manual model refining


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  • Use 3D spine models for scoliosis and posture analyses to achieve the desired patient outcomes
  • Facilitate in design and feedback of conservative treatments, such as bracing and exercise
  • Empower researchers and medical students to learn with 3D models that it allows visualization of complex spinal pathologies more clearly
  • Build deeper engagement with your patients and their families by helping them better understand the intended treatment procedure with 3D anatomical models.

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