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Telefield Medical Imaging Limited (TMIL) was established in 2012, and focused on creating innovative 3D medical ultrasound imaging equipment solutions.

We have been firmly committed to utilizing innovations and technologies to make medical imaging safer, more cost-effective and accessible.

Game-Changing Scoliosis Imaging Technology

Inspired by the need of clinicians, TMIL invented, developed, and manufactured Scolioscan Series in partnership with a university research team.

Our novel solutions enable clinicians to make efficient, cost-effective and flexible clinical services. And the patients as well as their families would have benefited from our revolutionary innovations.


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Sowing the Seeds of Technology to the World

Scolioscan® is the world’s first and the only radiation-free 3D ultrasound scoliosis assessment. With Scolioscan, assessments can be conducted at anytime, anywhere by anyone.

These series of solutions have won multiple international awards and have been acknowledged globally. There are more than 20 international patents which were obtained for our technologies.

The New Tech facilitates screening anywhere, anytime

The portable scanning system and cloud service have been successfully developed and will be ready in 2021.

We aim to facilitate clinicians and serve patients at anytime and anywhere. We also aim to expand research and global market.

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* Last updated on 21 Jun 2020


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Telefield Medical Imaging Limited is an innovative company focusing on medical imaging research, development, production and distribution.

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