hket (Medical Technology) – PolyU Professor has developed a 3D ultrasound device to diagnose scoliosis in school-aged children.

In adolescents, scoliosis is a common spinal disease. X-rays have been used for diagnosis in Hong Kong for many years, but the accumulated radiation may harm the [...]

By |June 29, 2022|News, Press Release|

Hong Kong Economic Journal – 3D ultrasound scoliosis assessment, interview with Professor Yongping Zheng of Telefield Medical Imaging

We are happy to know more about Scolioscan and its technology via this interview. […]

By |January 28, 2022|News, Press Release|

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) recommends using Scolioscan for scoliosis assessment

中大醫健園|零輻射突破 超聲波新法 測脊柱側彎 Link:副刊-健康港-中大醫健園-零輻射突破-超聲波新法-測脊柱側彎 […]

By |January 24, 2022|News, Technology|

Scolioscan highly recommended by Beijing Song’s Scoliosis Workshop

Scolioscan, the world’s 1st Radiation-Free Ultrasound Scoliosis assessment system, was highly recommended by the Song’s Scoliosis Workshop in Beijing, which has been using Scolioscan for few years. Many users and patients [...]

By |March 2, 2021|News, Technology|

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