Portable Radiation-free 3D Ultrasound Scoliosis Assessment System

Basic UDI-DI:489712268SCN201JU

Scolioscan Air is a pioneering portable ultrasound scoliosis assessment system to help professionals acquire spinal images more efficiently and conveniently. Besides being radiation-free, it is palm-sized, ultra-light, and able to conduct assessment in any setting. Scoliosis assessments can be conducted not only at hospitals, but also healthcare centers, schools and clinics.

The New Chapter of Scanning

Powerful, yet

SCN201 is a portable ultrasound-based assessment system integrated with 3D optical sensing technology.

The assessment device is highly compatible with devices running Windows 10. It only weighs 500g and can be placed in a handheld suitcase.

Scolioscan Air is crafted with innovative and user-friendly design. It utilises cutting-edge technology for transient and accurate assessment.


What makes it special?

• Smart portability

• Advanced 3D imaging

• High flexibility of assessment posture

• High compatibility with Windows

• Instant results and report

What to expect?

Portable and Ultra-Light

Conduct Scanning at any time in hospitals, healthcare centers, schools or clinics

Safe without any Radiation

Transient and


Innovative Design

Enhances User Experience


The device could not be used in following conditions:

—Pregnant women or women after pregnancy but before return of the menstrual period

—Patients with skin disease such as skin cancer, psoriasis or a history of skin disease

—Patients with a fracture or wound that affects the application of SCN201 during scanning

—Patients with surgery done for the spine

—Patients with winged scapulae or other irregularity of back contours that preclude satisfactory skin contact of the machine probe during the scanning procedure

—Patients who cannot stand steadily during the examination

—Patient with an allergy to aqueous gel used for ultrasound scanning

Intended purpose

Scolioscan Air SCN201 provides a new imaging modality for the assessment of spinal deformity using a 3D ultrasound technique. It provides a coronal view of spine for the evaluation of severity of scoliosis.

Intended users

The intended users are the personnel with required training. In order to safely and effectively operate Scolioscan Air, the user should have the following qualifications:

— Training as required by local, state, provincial, and national regulations, if applicable

— Additional training as required by the authorized distributor or TMIL

— A thorough knowledge and understanding of the material presented in the manual

Intended patient population

The intended patient population are children and adults, who meet following conditions:

— Between 8-40 years old

— Body mass index (BMI) < 23 kg/m²

— Standing height between 1m – 2m

Operation Device Requirements

Devices for running Scolioscan Air application must meet all of the following minimum specifications:

System Specifications

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