Portable Ultrasound Scoliosis Assessment System

Scolioscan Air is the world’s first portable ultrasound scoliosis assessment system to help professionals acquire spinal images more efficiently and conveniently. Besides being radiation-free, it is palm-sized, ultra-light, and able to conduct assessment in any setting. Scoliosis assessments can be conducted not only at hospitals, but also small clinics, schools and even communities.

The New Chapter of Scanning

Powerful, yet

SCN201 is a portable ultrasound-based assessment system integrated with 3D optical sensing technology.

The assessment device is highly compatible with devices running Windows 10. It only weighs 500g and can be placed in a handheld suitcase.

Scolioscan Air realizes the possibility of conducting scoliosis assessments in any setting, without environmental limitations. With no operator restrictions, it allows scoliosis assessments anytime, anywhere and by anyone.


What makes it special?

• Smart portability

• Advanced 3D imaging

• High flexibility of assessment posture

• High compatibility with Windows

• Instant results and report

• Automatic analysis

What to expect?


Portable and Ultra-Light

Conduct Scanning at Any Time, Anywhere, by Anyone

Safe without any Radiation

Transient and


Innovative Design

Enhances User Experience

Scolioscan Air is crafted with innovative and user-friendly design.

It utilises cutting-edge technology for transient and accurate assessment.

  • Net weight: 500g
  • Suitcase dimension: 182*97*150mm
  • 75mm wide acoustic transducer
  • Tracking camera with optical sensor
  • Type C plug-in
  • High compatibility with devices running on Windows 10
  • Auto and software-aided manual angle measurement

Frequently Asked Questions

Scolioscan Air is a newly innovated system developed based on similar technologies used in Scolioscan.

Unlike the stationary Scolioscan device, Scolioscan Air is specifically developed to be portable and ultra-light to facilitate convenience of assessment. It weighs only 500 grams and is a handheld device.

Scolioscan Air can be plugged into a device running on Windows 10 via a USB-C port, then operations can be conducted using an installed software. In Scolioscan, the operating monitor is in-built.

Due to the similar imaging technologies used, there is proven correlation between Scolioscan Air and Scolioscan measurements.

Scolioscan Air is designed for scoliosis screening, treatment feedback and progression monitoring.

Before diagnosis, Scolioscan Air can be used in mass screening of scoliosis to identify patients who need treatment and those who need frequent monitoring.

During treatment, when patients are stationary, this system can provide real-time feedback of treatment effectiveness. This enables adjustments of treatment accordingly.

It also allows progression monitoring whenever and wherever necessary. As curves can progress quickly in adolescence, frequent and convenient monitoring can ensure appropriate intervention at the right time.

Scolioscan Air can be conveniently carried from one place to another in a specially designed suitcase. It is commonly used in schools, clinics, and studios.

It can be used to conduct scoliosis screening in schools and health check centres. After diagnosis, clinics and studios can frequently assess patients’ scoliosis conditions before, during and after therapies.

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