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Scolioscan® has been dedicated to providing accessible, precise, and intelligent healthcare solutions for healthcare professionals and patients. With our innovation, Scolioscan is now a global professional and technology leader of radiation-free solutions in the field of spinal assessments.

PRODUCT – Professional Series

Scolioscan SCN802

– Mainland China ONLY


SCN802 provides safe and professional radiation-free spinal assessments. This assessment system is embedded with the most advanced ultrasound module, spatial sensing, and positioning system for spinal examinations.

Clinical studies have been completed and proved its safety and effectiveness for spinal assessments. SCN802 has been granted with Registration Certificate for Medical Device of People’s Republic of China and is approved to be sold in China.


PRODUCT – Professional Series

Scolioscan SCN803

SCN803 is equipped with an advanced spatial sensor, ultrasound module, and supporting system. Scolioscan SCN803 allows safe and flexible assessments at any time, anywhere by anyone.

SCN803 has obtained the CE marking that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for operating and distributing within the European Economic Area (EEA). Moreover, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has granted approval to SCN803 for use in spinal deformity assessment in Australia.

SCN801 & SCN802_right-r


PRODUCT – Portable Version

Scolioscan Air SCN201

The newly innovated Scolioscan Air is the world’s 1st portable 3D ultrasound scoliosis assessment system. It is ultra-light and easy-to-use, bringing all the necessary elements for 3D imaging together in a handheld device.

Due to its portability, it has a wide range of applications from screening in schools to treatment monitoring in clinics. Its development is a huge step towards convenient and flexible imaging.


PRODUCT – Advanced Applications


Scoliostudio is for visualizing and understanding the position, rotation, and orientation of the spine in 3D. You can improve diagnosis and clinical research capabilities by performing a pre- and post-treatment assessment through a dedicated and precise workflow that automatically calculates the spinal deformities. Scoliostudio visualizes 3D spine models which allows you to engage with patients and explain their diagnosis and treatment options.

3D spine


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