3D Ultrasound Imaging Technology Attracts Attention at IRSSD Scientific Meeting 2024

3D ultrasound imaging became a hot topic at International Research Society of Spinal Deformities (IRSSD) Scientific Meeting 2024.

IRSSD was established in 1994 to advance the study and research into spinal deformities, and provide a platform for the presentation and encouragement of research related to spinal deformities and to disseminate the results of the captioned research for the public benefit.

The IRSSD Scientific Meeting 2024 was held in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and attended by nearly 100 participants from around the world. It included plenary sessions, symposium sessions, oral/posters sessions, workshops and exhibition booths from the sponsors. Three domains — “Basic Sciences of Spinal Deformities”, “Clinical Assessments and Diagnoses of Spinal Deformities” and “Management of Spinal Deformities” — were covered in the conference.

Discover Prof. Zheng Yongping’s illuminating presentation on scoliosis assessment using 3D ultrasound imaging in the video below:


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