Introduction of Scolioscan to Guangzhou Sport University

Since 2019, a Radiation-Free Ultrasound Scoliosis Diagnosis system — Scolioscan, the world’s first ultrasound spine assessment technology, was introduced to the Guangzhou Sport University. Till now, many scholars of the University have used the equipment and its supporting 3D software ScolioStudio® to conduct a number of researches, with the goal of bringing better medical services and treatment outcome to patients.

Scolioscan can quantitatively diagnose scoliosis and evaluate body posture of scoliosis patients. It was designed to measure and intuitively display clinical parameters of scoliosis patients. The reliability and validity Scolioscan have been verified through numerous clinical trials. Being able to provide convenient and accurate quantitative measurements makes  Scolioscan the leading role of a state-of-the-art technology.

The introduction of Scolioscan has greatly expanded the research boundaries of Guangzhou Sport University, and also broken the limitation of traditional medical diagnosis to perform unlimited numbers of 3D scoliosis assessment under a radiation-free environment. The technology promotes timely scoliosis monitoring and real-time treatment feedback. It also provides an important fundamental for further enhancing the university’s level of medical care, teaching, and scientific research.




Dr. Zhang — The deputy director the Guangzhou Sport University Sports Medicine Department, commented: “The device can track the changes of patients with minor scoliosis and provide certain reference data for the adaption, review and adjustment of the brace treatment.”

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