We have operation manual to guide the user to maintain the system in good situation, for example:

  • Ultrasound probe should be cleaned and disinfected after scanning each patient, like other ultrasound imaging devices
  • Use a calibration phantom (it is an optional item) or calibration bar to assure the accuracy of 3D spatial sensing (every day before operating the system)
  • Regular check once a year
  • Contact the manufacturer or authorized service providers for the arrangement of technical supports if any abnormality is found
  • The warranty extension is highly suggested

Twelve (12) months from date of delivery. For overseas users, thirteen (13) months from the date of shipment will be provided (1 month shipping period is included).

To conduct routine maintenance, every time before operating the system, the user should inspect the system on the power cord, probe and its cable. Regular check should be conducted once a year. If any abnormality is found, do NOT conduct any operations on the patients. Please contact the manufacturer or any authorized service providers to provide functional checking and technical maintenance.

  • The functional checking and technical maintenance take around half day (3-4 hours) including:
  • Spatial system check and calibration
  • Filter cleaning
  • Lubrication for chest boards, hip boards and lock system
  • Tightness adjustment for LCD monitor arm
  • Machine leveling
  • Parts repair and replacement
  • Data back-up (operating duration depends on data size)
  • Software upgrade (if applicable)

Please contact the manufacturer / authorized service providers, and we will make repair or return arrangements according to the actual situation of your equipment.

Within the warranty period, the software upgrades for the Scolioscan® scanning system will be provided free of charge; and the upgrade for Scoliostudio® 3D analysis system will be provided with a discounted price.

Please contact after-sales service cs@scolioscan.com for details.

One-day on-site training will be provided for 2-4 personnel depends on the written agreement. Under the circumstances that on-site training cannot be arranged, online training will be provided. If additional training sessions and/or additional quota of trainees needed, additional charges may incurred.

We will regularly provide systematic training courses, including on-site and online training. You can learn about the training schedule on the official website of Telefield Medical Imaging Limited and our WeChat Official Account.

A systematic operation training will be provided on-site/online. The operation training includes the introduction, demonstration, practicing and examination. The training on Scolioscan® will cover patient arrangements, scanning, measurement and database maintenance. If the 3D analysis software, Scoliostudio®, is applicable, a brief introduction will also be included. In the training section, all participants who are interested to know about the equipment are welcome to join. Whereas, maximum 4 operators can participate in the examination for free and a certificate will be delivered for the eligible operators who pass the exam.

The solution training includes industry development trends, sharing on new technologies, solutions and application.

It is suggested to provide scanning before treatment and right after the treatment. Reasons are:

  • To confirm if the treatment strategy is in the right direction
  • To provide convincing treatment efficacy to your patients
  • To have a better source and proof of your effective treatment
  • To avoid arguments with the patients if some unexpected situations happen
  • To maintain a consistent posture during different scan for the same subject, as the posture of subject could significantly affect the measurement.