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The IRSSD was founded in 1992 with the objective of promoting research relating to spinal deformity. The IRSSD provides a unique opportunity for clinicians to interact with researchers from a great variety of backgrounds. This is only the second time the meeting will be held in the United States, the last time being 1998 in Vermont.

Initially, the group’s emphasis was on surface topography but they now study a variety of methods to assess the 3D deformity of scoliosis. Scolioscan solutions can fulfill these applications.

The IRSSD concentrates on research in spinal deformity with clinical applications. In addition to the 3D assessment of the spine, researchers also explore spinal biomechanics, etiopathogenesis, and innovative conservative and surgical therapies. The goal is to integrate basic science with clinical care to improve patient care. Scolioscan team also sponsored IRSSD and hope we can provide more advanced technologies and explore how to help the clinicians, researchers, and patients together with the professionals internationally.

Join IRSSD 2021 by clicking this link www.IRSSD2021.com

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