“Scolioscan® SCN201allows doctors to obtain spinal images more efficiently and conveniently. It can be operated within the clinic, and doctors can complete the operation in just a few minutes

This enables immediate analysis of results for patients, significantly saving time for subsequent treatment.

 ——Dr. Chen Xiao xia

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About Linking Herb And Acupuncture Limited

Linking Herb And Acupuncture Limited provides convenient and reliable traditional Chinese medical services to the Hong Kong people. With its first clinic in Shun Lee Estate and a network of over twenty clinics across all eighteen districts, the company specializes in a wide range of treatments, spanning internal medicine, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, gynecology, dermatology, paediatrics and more.
The team comprises skilled Chinese medicine practitioners from Greater China, with some having clinical experience in the training and research centres under The Hospital Authority. Embracing a patient-centered approach, it regularly hosts free health lectures and consultations, demonstrating a commitment to community well-being and fostering numerous successful recovery stories.

Source: Linking Herb And Acupuncture Limited

Pinpointing the Cause of Pain 
Body pain can stem from muscle spasms, muscle strain, vertebral displacement that stimulates nerve roots and joints, or vertebral deformities like scoliosis and kyphosis.Linking Herb And Acupuncture employs Scolioscan® SCN201, a portable 3D ultrasound scoliosis assessment system, for conducting spinal health assessment on individuals experiencing pain.
The innovative system integrates ultrasound and optical tracking technologies to display the whole spine, enabling examiners to identify whether the source of pain is the spine or adjacent muscles. This advanced technology elevates the clinic’s diagnostic proficiency by facilitating early detection of spinal problems and providing a deeper insight into the condition.
Developing a Tailor-made Treatment Strategy
Linking Herb And Acupuncture uses the Scolioscan® Scolio3D software to capture three-dimensional spine images. Different sections in the coronal, sagittal and transverse planes allows detailed analysis that extends beyond scoliosis. Through precise measurement of angles and lengths, the software supports doctors in crafting tailored treatment strategies.
Doctors can also leverage the 3D spinal model generated by Scolio3D to effectively communicate with patients, enhancing understanding and treatment outcomes.Based on the data collected by Scolioscan® SCN201 and the patient’s body condition, doctors customize treatments using techniques such as massage, acupuncture, bone setting and traction. For instance, massage is employed to realign the sequence and structure of the spine to restore normal mechanical balance and stabilize it. Acupuncture is utilized to release muscle knots on both sides of the spine to reduce spinal tension, improve blood circulation and enhance the self-repair of strained areas. Traditional Chinese medicine techniques are also used with modern medical instruments to alleviate local spinal pressure and reduce curvature of the spine.

Figure 1. The Combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine Wisdom and Portable 3D Ultrasound Technology

Tracking Treatment Progress Closely
Scolioscan® SCN201 utilizes ultrasound to obtain spinal images without radiation, ensuring no harm to the body. The user-friendly device offers swift imaging without the need for bulky equipment, facilitating easy operation. By making possible close monitoring of disease progression and timely evaluation of treatment outcomes, it supports prompt adjustment to the treatment plan. Furthermore, the digital storage of data from each examination empowers doctors to demonstrate the comparison before and after treatment, allowing patients to witness treatment results first-hand. Detailed examination reports can also be printed for patients to share with their families.

Figure 2. Use Scolioscan® SCN201 for conducting spinal health assessment