“We are working on Scolioscan every day and have started using it in clinical practice. So far we are using only ultrasound image (generated by Scolioscan) for follow-up on patients, combining with clinical findings and back surface topography. I did a little research on my own, using only high quality ultrasound image and there is a good correlation (0.7) between Cobb angle and Scolioscan angle.

We are really eager to expand our experience in 3D software reconstruction (Scoliostudio®) in the future, because we see a lot of benefits using Scolioscan and we think it is a great diagnostic tool that can possibly replace radiography.”

——Samra Pjanić, the Institute for physical medicine and rehabilitation “Dr. Miroslav Zotovic”

About Dr. Miroslav Zotovic

Institute for Physical medicine and rehabilitation „Dr Miroslav Zotovic“ Banja Luka (RS/BH) is the biggest specialized institution for physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopedic surgery and hyperbaric medicine in the region of Balkans.

Beside clinical practice, important practice areas of the Institute are undergraduate and postgraduate education, scientific research and CME for doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, O&P technicians, psychologist, social workers and speech therapists.  

The Institute’s Interdisciplinary Team for scoliosis is recognized for its expertise in conservative treatment of scoliosis.


Their Pain Point and Our Solutions

(1) Frequent monitoring on Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Using X-rays of the entire spine is the gold standard in diagnosing scoliosis, while this was the only method the Institute can use, until Scolioscan – an innovative device using 3D ultrasound technology for spine assessment, has been installed. Scolioscan device is absolutely radiation-free, it can be used more frequently on children and screen for scoliosis.

(2) Evaluation of treatment effectiveness

Team for scoliosis from the Institute provides conservative treatment of scoliosis. With Scolioscan device, it allows them to perform evaluation of treatment effectiveness.

(3) Future research study

Team for scoliosis is interested in using Scolioscan both in clinical practice and research, while it was not possible to do this type of research in the past without this kind of radiation-free device.

Figure 1. Team for scoliosis from the Institute for physical medicine and rehabilitation “Dr Miroslav Zotovic”

Figure 2. Scolioscan examination and analysis on a scoliosis patient