“Scolioscan Air can help therapists to perform appropriate interventions on patients to assess the condition of scoliosis. In addition, the scanning process takes only a few minutes, which can match with the golden time of pain treatment and it is convenient for therapists for real-time monitoring. It is difficult to avoid exposure to X-ray radiation using conventional spine assessment method, but Scolioscan Air is different from others that can truly achieve zero radiation and accurately assess the patient’s condition at the same time.”

—— Stretching therapist Dicky Chan, Cure Stretch Therapy Exercise Centre

About Cure Stretch Therapy Exercise Centre

Cure Stretch Therapy Exercise Centre is an organization focusing on pain treatment and sports training, The Centre actively promotes the concept of “Integrating Health and Sports into Life”. Combining manual therapy, sports massage and stretching therapy with individual exercise programs, this can help patients relieving strained muscle and pain condition.

Source: Cure Stretch Therapy Exercise Centre

The Centre can provide a variety of services, such as stretching therapy, focused shockwave therapy, manual reduction, holistic structure (pelvis and lower limbs), Scolioscan® ultrasound scoliosis assessment, and setting up various types of exercise classes.
The concept of the Centre is “Attention, for a healthier you – For a Better YOU”.
Through regular seminars and workshops, this can let the public know more about the importance of exercise for health and how to deal with health warnings, and also teach different exercise methods to help reduce the occurrence of pain illnesses and promote good health.

Their Pain Point and our Solution

(1) No limitation on examination venue

It is not necessary to spare a specific area to install a traditional X-ray equipment. Using Scolioscan Air ultrasound assessment device, which is only in palm size of an adult, we can perform safe, real-time and accurate spine assessments at anytime and anywhere.

(2) Grasp the golden time for pain treatment

Using X-ray equipment to detect pain problems may not allow frequent monitoring, it is difficult to know the treatment progress during the whole treatment period.

Scolioscan Air // SCN 201 is a portable assessment system using ultrasound technology and optical three-dimensional spatial positioning technology, which can let the professionals get the spine images more efficiently and conveniently. The system is safe and radiation-free, and the examination time is very short. It can also provide the detailed reports immediately after scanning, which is convenient for long-term monitoring on pain conditions.

Figure 1. The therapist using the Scolioscan Air portable radiation-free 3D ultrasound assessment system