Scolioscan is Listed among China’s Top 100 Most Innovative Medical Equipment in 2023

Scolioscan, a three-dimensional ultrasonic scoliosis assessment system invented and manufactured by Telefield Medical Imaging Ltd, is ranked as one of the Top 100 Most Innovative Medical Equipment in 2023 by VB-Find Award and was showcased in the 29th China International Medical Equipment Exhibition & Scientific Conference (China-Hospeq 2023). Telefield Medical Imaging has inaugurated a new field in spine imaging by developing the first and only ultrasound assessment of scoliosis that can meet different clinical needs throughout screening, diagnosis and treatment.

VB-Find Award is issued by the International Health Exchange and Cooperation Center, National Health Commission of China (IHECC) and VBData (an Internet media agency in the healthcare industry). The award is intended to identify medical equipment enterprises with great technical innovations, high added value and special competitive advantages. “Find” in VB-Find Award denotes the journey of finding and exploring in life science, as well as the groundbreaking products that are found to make advances in modern medicine.

Entry was thrown open in June to innovative medical equipment such as high-value consumables, in vitro diagnostics, surgical instruments and patient monitors. After 40 days of entry, recommendation, evaluation and cross-check, 100 pieces of medical equipment were selected based on four main criteria – application, technology, innovation and spread.

Telefield Medical Imaging, together with 99 other enterprises, received the VB-Find Award in China-Hospeq 2023. The products/solutions of these enterprises won the prize through superior technology that satisfies clinical needs and benefits mankind, leading the way in health care.

Telefield Medical Imaging pioneers Scolioscan to change the conventions of scoliosis assessment. Scolioscan integrates ultrasound, artificial intelligence and positioning technologies to achieve radiation-free and 3D imaging of the spine. It provides safe, convenient, cost-effective scanning for mass screening in schools and communities as well as close monitoring in hospitals and clinics. With the incidence of scoliosis increasing, Scolioscan will serve as powerful scientific backing in the prevention and control of the disease.

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