Introduction of Scolioscan to SPACE 運動矯正

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Scolioscan, the world’s 1st Radiation-Free Ultrasound Scoliosis assessment system, was introduced to SPACE 運動矯正 by Jack Lee & SPACE 運動矯正 by Denny Kam in Hong Kong in performing the spinal assessment in a faster and more accurate way. Its timely scoliosis monitoring and real-time feedback also help to simplify the treatment procedures.


The founder of SPACE was found having Scoliosis in high school, and forced to give up sports because of serious backpain. He created corrective exercise therapy, a blend of personal fitness training with physical therapy, in order to help treating patients in a long-term basis.

Scolioscan operation
Phantom testing

With the help of Scolioscan, professionals can easily evaluate the situation of each patient by just a simple scan. The whole process takes around 2 minutes.  We hope that the new technology brings better medical services and treatment outcome to every patient.

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